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Legal and tax professionals are essential to guide you through the complexities of any asset transaction regardless of type or amount.

Our practitioners help you to establish, structure and manage Trusts and other legal entities all over the world. We take care of your local and international corporate, legal, financial and administrative processes. Our ambition is to offer you the best in trust and corporate management services.

Our highly personalised approach, experience in assisting clients and our clear understanding of the specific needs of international business and expatriate clients, drawn from our own international origins, make us the ideal organisation with which to progress.

To establish a trust, the settlor transfers title over property to the trustee. However, the beneficiaries retain all the rights to the enjoyments of the trust assets; the trustee is a custodian over those assets.

Foundations are particularly attractive to clients in jurisdictions where the concept of trusts is either not recognised or is less well known; or where clients are keen to maintain control over generated wealth.

Used for a wide range of purposes from simple asset holding, such as real estate and investment portfolios, to more complex arrangements including structured finance, restructuring and accessing capital market