About Us

About us

Joseph Oliver Mediaçao de Seguros Lda is regulated and authorised in both Portugal (with the ASF and CMVM) and the UK (FCA) and operates across Europe, thus illustrating our flexibility and determination in providing a highly personal and professional service delivery wherever our clients may choose to settle.

We believe strongly in the benefits of providing face to face advice. Our expertise is in meeting the financial needs of individuals or companies who have created more capital, or who earn higher incomes than average and whose circumstances are therefore often more complicated than usual.

In our experience clients value a trusted and experienced wealth manager who will understand and explain the relevant issues and propose appropriate action tailored to the client’s unique requirements. The strength of our relationship and level of satisfaction amongst our clients and partners is demonstrated by the fact that all our new clients come to us as a result of personal recommendations from existing clients, lawyers, accountants, investment houses and financial institutions.

We recognise and relish the new challenges created by an ever-changing world. Therefore, moving forward we will continue to work hard to introduce the latest technology and find new, intelligent ways of providing greater opportunities for all our clients and partners.

Why Portugal and Spain

There are tremendous tax benefits for companies and for individuals wishing to take up residency in Portugal and Spain, be it for business or personal reasons.

Why the UK

Many Britons who move abroad wait until they’re resident in their new country before seeking tax planning advice. However, leaving it this late can eliminate some of the most tax-efficient opportunities available.

To get the most out of your move, before you leave the UK you should seek expert advice to establish:

Your tax liabilities in your new country
How you can legitimately reduce taxation on your income, savings, investments, pensions and estate
If and when you should buy, rent or sell property in either country

Our specialist expertise can make sure your finances are structured as tax efficiently as possible with an investment strategy tailor-made for you.

Returning to the UK

Should you need to return to the UK, it’s important to give yourself enough time to review and organise your financial affairs. This is not only for your own peace of mind, but to make sure the financial implications work in your favour.

With our professional, personalised advice, you can avoid punitive tax implications and make use of tax-efficient opportunities in the UK to make your return as seamless and tax-efficient as possible

UK residents

Our extensive knowledge of UK taxation and related pensions and investment options means we can also advise on wealth management and capital solutions for UK residents.