Foreign Exchange / A service that is fee-free and stress-free

Specialist foreign exchange dealers offer you a quick and easy way to make international payments at competitive rates.

As a client, you receive preferential rates on foreign exchange transactions and you can book them over the phone. You will also receive same-day settlement for USD, EUR and GBP payments.

In addition all of our client’s foreign exchange payments, in and out of their account, sterling or otherwise, are fee-free. Available in Euros, US Dollars, Swiss Francs and South African Rand.

Easy payments – direct to a bank account

It’s simple. There is no jargon, just straightforward communication around complex markets.

Proactive, market-watch service. We appreciate the time it takes to watch the markets so FX dealers watch them for you and call you to keep you informed, allowing you to take advantage of market moves.

Direct access to dealers – you can speak directly to the specialists who watch the market. They will keep you informed of relevant market information.

Risk management – markets can be very volatile; we help you manage that risk. Ensure your assets, whether it’s a holiday home or boat, doesn’t cost you more than originally budgeted.

Corporate Foreign Exchange Service
If you are an importer, an exporter, or simply have foreign currency positions, we can help you manage the risk associated with foreign exchange more effectively.

With a team of specialist dealers, we provide a personal and proactive risk management service; and by taking on fewer clients, we have the time to understand what’s truly unique about your business.

Products and Services

Foreign exchange products, which range from the vanilla to the more complex option strategies, can be tailored to your specific objectives. They include:

Fixed & Window Forwards
Non Deliverable Forwards
Dual Currency Deposits
Structured Hedging Solutions